UI DESIGN, prototyping

Akademiska Hus


An app to help Akademiska Hus communicate better

Akademiska Hus is one of the largest property companies in Sweden, focusing on universities and colleges. For this school project, the task was to design a tenant app for them, with the goal of making it easier to share important information with students and employees at their campuses.

They wanted the app to include:

Our approach

Focusing on UX

Akademiska Hus wanted the app to have the same graphical look and feel as their website, so there was no need to experiment with the graphic identity. This meant we could spend a lot of time on the user experience instead. We started by checking out 10-20 similar apps and saving screenshots of design choices we liked, which was used as inspiration when drawing wireframes.

We spent a lot of time experimenting with creating the most logical grouping and hierarchy of all the different parts of the the app – we wanted anything to always be easy to find, despite the massive amount of information.


When the design was ready, we turned it into an interactive prototype with Principle. This allowed us to visualize how things like transitions, microanimations and states can enhance the user experience.