Hildas Restaurang

Website design for a local lunch restaurant.


I was part of this project during my time as an intern at Fully Studios. Hilda's Restaurant serves a tasty lunch buffet in Gårda and also offers catering, corporate events and more. Previously they had no website at all – their web presence consisted of a subpage at Gårda Konferens, which the restaurant belongs to. But in order to more easily reach out with information and attract visitors, we were commissioned to create a website for Hildas with the same general layout as Gårda Konferens' website, but with its own touch and a few additional features.

My role

I was involved in this project from start to finish – from the first client meeting, to presentation of wireframes, finished design and launch of the website. My role included communicating with both the client, project manager, copywriter, and web developers.

Since there already existed a visual identity as well as a general layout to reuse, my biggest efforts were designing the new elements such as menus and illustrations, coming up with suggestions for content, and together with the web developers making sure that the live website corresponds to the design and is fully responsive.


Thanks to working in Figma, both the client, copywriter, and everyone else always had access to the latest wireframes for both desktop and mobile in the form of clickable prototypes. This made it easy for me to receive continuous feedback and make changes that everyone could see immediately.


The homepage is designed to catch the attention of potential customers and provide the most important information. On top of the hero image there's a box displaying the opening hours, price, and today's dishes, along with the theme (they have a new theme every day).

At the lunch menu page, you can see the whole week's menu, including all side items. The most common allergens are also specified here, to reduce the amount of phone calls and questions Hildas get about this.

Illustrations for the section about sustainability on "About Hildas"