An individual school assignment where we had a week to come up with an internship-related app idea, design and prototype.


This was an individual school assignment that we only had one week to complete. We were supposed to come up with, design, and prototype a digital service that in some way helps students within creative fields to do their internship abroad, either before, during, or after the internship itself. I also had the personal goal of learning a new tool.

Research and insights

In order to understand what problems and needs people who consider doing their internship abroad have, I interviewed a person who did their internship at two different companies in different countries. I also read a number of articles and forum threads on the internet.

After my research, I was able to summarize a few key insights. It became very clear that the biggest problems exist in the preparation phase. You have to find housing, maybe apply for a visa, plan your finances and your stay in general, read about the culture and social standards, and much more. It's very time consuming as you wont find all the information and tips you need in one place.


The idea I came up with was an app that establishes contact between people who plan to do their internship abroad, and people who already have. That way you can get all the information you need about doing your internship in a specific country or city at once.

Wireframes and moodboard

After searching for inspiration in other apps where people share some kind of experiences in some way, and analyzing the target audience, I made wireframes and a simple moodboard.

Interactive prototype

Once the design was finished, I made an interactive prototype using Framer for the first time, and thus also achieved my goal of learning a new tool.