A startup in need of a visual identity and website

This was a school assignment where we were paired in groups of two with small startup companies, to create graphic identities and web design for them. Me and my classmate were assigned to work with Scope, a company that helps CS:GO players improve through data analytics. I did most of the work with the digital parts, while my classmate focused on stationery design (not shown here).

The graphic identity

After checking out various CS:GO or e-sport related websites, interviewing the client, and using a bit of my own taste – as a gamer myself – we decided that Scope should use dark colors, a vibrant contrast color, uppercase headings and a sans serif font, since this is associated with other trusted e-sport brands. We also designed a clean logo with a symbol that looks like both a scope and a plus, which symbolizes improvement.

Web design

Landing page and community

The website consists of a one-pager that introduces the company and the service, as well as a community that you have access to as a user. Initially, the service will only be available for teachers and students at e-sports schools, and therefore it's designed to suit their needs.

We prototyped a few interactions through animation.

The background image is custom made in Photoshop.


Facebook cover video

We also made a bunch of social media assets to help Scope further promote their service. Since Facebook now supports animated banners, we took the opportunity to create something that pops. The loop is shortened here to minimize the file size.