Fully Arcade

Visual identity and UI design direction for a game-related service.


I did this for Fully Studios as my degree project when I was a student at YRGO. Fully Studios is a digital agency that has recently started making games for PC and console, and those are going to be interconnected with a web service that offers some exciting features and content related to the games. The service will be branded as "Fully Arcade", and my mission was to design its visual identity along with various assets and parts of the user interface, to lay the foundation of a design system.

Since the service isn't released yet I have to limit what I say and show publicly, but on request I'm able to explain more in private.

Research & insights

I analyzed a lot of game developers' websites as part of my research, and it seemed to me like they in general try to appeal to young men with their design choices – which for a long time has been considered the average gamer – but that doesn't match with Fully's vision of being inclusive, or statistics showing that about 40% of gamers on PC and console nowadays are female. My conclusion was that there's an opportunity to be more relevant on the market than other game developers by partly deviating from the common design language in the game industry.

I also examined how other somewhat similar services are designed, both within and outside the game industry, and had a workshop with the client which provided me with further insights on the needs of the identity and UI.

Moodboard: Retrofuturistic colors and space vibes

The moodboard contained a fair amount of Outrun aesthetics to enhance the association with arcade games that the name invites to, while the colors are also modern and vibrant which is a good fit for the brand. This was combined with a bit of space vibes as that's going to be a theme for the games.


I explored many options for the logo, with and without the involvement of Fully's original wordmark. In the end, I felt that it needed to be included to keep the brands unified.

The result was that I placed the wordmark inside the same hexagonal shape as the badges you can earn as a user (shown further down), next to the rest of the name – or the whole name, depending on the space available. The letters are handmade and features round shapes with sharp ends to make the logo feel friendly and techy at the same time.

Colors and typography

Vibrant colors are mixed with light and dark neutrals. For the typography I've chosen to keep Fully's title font and even use it for the body text. It's a modern sans-serif with the same combination of roundness and sharp edges as the logotype.

Badges and icons

I designed ten examples of possible achievement badges to earn as a user, and a basic set of system icons for the user interface.

User interface and design system

Below are examples of screens I designed and components from the design system.