Homely – Designflows finalist entry

UI design for the Designflows 2021 contest which made it to the awards (top 40 out of 2,574 entries).


Designflows is a yearly mobile UI design contest arranged by Bending Spoons. It's open to anyone in Europe and the applicants get a weekend to design the same three screens from a made-up app as well as the icon/logo. This year it was a toolkit rental app.


A central idea behind my decisions was that people really pay for an improved home with this kind of service, rather than the actual toolkits. That's why I went for soft and natural colors which are popular in interior design, and the pictures show end results instead of the tools included. It's also why I wanted to promote inspirational tutorials in addition to navigating or searching directly for tools.

I made the QR code easily accessible to make the user journey as smooth as possible, whether you’re picking up the toolkit right away or at a later time – “My rentals” would become the starting point when opening the app with an active rental. Upon completing a reservation you can read a short description of how the service works, in a screenshot-friendly format, including the QR code.