Web and e-com design for Husqvarna Forest & Garden.


I have been involved in the redesign of Husqvarna Forest & Garden's new website and e-commerce solution. Our design team at Stendahls has consisted of an art director, UX director, and a few other UX/UI designers in addition to myself.

Here I will focus on the things I've had the main responsibility for, such as the checkout flow, the dealer locator, and the self-service support section. Furthermore, I've been responsible for the design system structure and our process around it.

Checkout flow

The new checkout (for some of the markets) was a very interesting design challenge because of all the different functions, criterias and technical limitations.

Some of the UI components.
The three main steps of the mobile checkout.

Dealer locator

The dealer locator plays an extremely important role in the customer support user journey and we spent a lot of time iterating on this in dialogue with stakeholders.

Some of the UI components.

Self-service support

The self-service section on the new site consists of a hub page where you can either browse categories, go directly to featured help articles or search for keywords.

Some of the UI components.

Design system

The site is complex and so is the design system, with around 700 components in Figma at the time of writing this. I've taken the responsibility to structure this in a useful way and organize all the components, states, variants, modules and templates. Don't hesitate to reach ouf if you want to know more since it's not that easy to share in a portfolio format. :)

Some of the UI components.