Design for a property company's website and housing queue.


Wallenstam builds, develops and manages properties, mainly in Stockholm and Gothenburg. At Stendahls we have helped them continuously improve their website over the years, and here's a selection of the designs I've made, working closely together with a UX designer.

New production projects

The information surrounding their new production projects previously resided on external websites, making the navigation a bit confusing for the user, causing design inconsistencies and a lot of variation between each website.

We solved this by creating a template to be used on their regular website, that can scale according to how far gone the project is, and took the opportunity to include some new modules and features that didn't exist in the old solution.

Some of the UI components.
A selection of the page types included.

Housing queue

What was previously just a list of dropdowns and apartment numbers is now a rather sophisticated but user friendly way of selecting, ordering and applying for the apartments you're interested in.

I also made a simple Figma prototype of this to test it out.

Site navigation

We designed an intuitive navigation that works well despite the many levels in their site structure, both on desktop and mobile, and makes sure customer service is always easily accessible.

Some of the UI components.